Graphic Novels Teach

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The world has changed so very much, so quickly. It’s often hard to pay attention to anything except the news or very trivial things. The thought that we might have been at KidLitCon just two days ago seems like something from a different world.

And yet, as I’m struggling to teach a child at home who would really rather be learning at school or buried in a graphic novel, it still feels important to look at the work of these graphic novel creators who make works that help kids learn, whether it’s about science, history, or themselves. Here is the description of the panel we planned to have. Please share your thoughts on the topic here or on our social media. And, as you’re able, consider buying their books from your local bookstore.

Explore a world of graphic novels beyond superheroes with fact-based and educational graphics from Jim Ottaviani (Astronauts: Women on the Final Frontier), Matt Faulkner (Gaijin: American Prisoner of War) and Sarah Jamila Stevenson (Alexis vs. Summer Vacation), as well as how to use comics in schools with comic artist Kam Reynolds. Moderated by Edith Donnell, co-director of Kids Read Comics.

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