The New Inclusivity: Beyond Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer


We’re staying safe at home like everyone else, but remembering that those who are left behind in ordinary times are even more likely to be left behind now. Here’s a conversation that we want to continue however we can. And, as you’re able, please support these authors and your local bookstores!

Here’s the description of the panel we planned to have in our live venue:

You’ve read the stories: character is different, bullied, and then saves the day with their uniqueness. The new inclusivity is about characters whose differences aren’t the only thing that defines them. With authors Merrie Haskell (Handbook for Dragon Slayers), Lisa Rose (Star Powers), Jack Cheng (See You in the Cosmos) and Jennifer Camiccia (The Memory Keeper), moderated by disabilities studies expert Kira Dallaire.